5 Best Heat Reducing Window Film

The most extraordinary heat management window coatings can dramatically lessen your space’s warmth from the sun if you wish to make it more relaxed.

In contrast to heat-blocking thermal curtains, heat control solutions sometimes double as privacy window films, sheltering you from the hot sun and the eyes of your neighbours while also allowing some light to enter. Decide how much protection and heat control you’d like and how much sunlight you’re ready to give up to keep your room cool before you go shopping.

Best Heat Reducing Window Film

Best Efficient: Coavas Window Film

The Coavas frosted window film gives your house a stylish appearance while giving a layer of seclusion and, of course, keeping out the heat.  The static cling coating blocks up to 96 per cent of UV radiation and scorching sunshine.

Because it insulates heat in the summer and retains heat in the winter, the product’s manufacturer says it helps you cut energy costs. The frosted hue makes it difficult for passersby to see into your house, allowing you to enjoy glare-free sunshine with open curtains or drapes.

Static cling is used to attach the window film, making installation simple and allowing for constant adjusting and removal. You can select the color that goes with your room from black, champagne, white, gray, blue, silver, and black gray, all available options.


  • Appropriate for glass surfaces that are clean, flat, and smooth
  • Environmentally friendly and reasonably priced PVC material
  • Resists bright sunlight and offers 96 per cent UV protection.
  • Easy to use and may be applied multiple times


  • Only effective on pristine, smooth surfaces


Best Overall: CottonColors Window Privacy UV Blocking Film

Cotton colors film is a product that doesn’t require adhesive, is simple to apply, and won’t leave a sticky film behind. You can enjoy a private setting by utilizing the window film to keep onlookers from seeing outside.

This is, in my opinion, the superior heat management film for windows now on the market because it keeps your area cool and comfortable. The non-metallized film will reject infrared light up to 96 per cent, resulting in energy efficiency and a better interior environment. This is the perfect curtain substitute.

A beautiful exterior and excellent aesthetics are produced by the effective transmission of light. Additionally, eco-friendly is this line of high-end exterior products. Besides, it is appropriate for rental apartments, living rooms, kitchens, and other locations requiring momentary seclusion.

You may make your home feel lively with the help of this window film. The coating solidly maintains the glass shards in their initial structure and increases the glass’s tensile strength. A single roll that covers a space one foot by 6.5 feet can cover two small, door-side windows.


  • Utilizable window film
  • fantastic texture
  • Good for privacy
  • Simple to install and take down


  • Nothing to quibble with


Best Mirrored: WPCTEV Window Film

This mirrored WPCTEV window film is installed with adhesive for long-term heat control and protection. Say goodbye to overheating in your sunniest rooms with this film since it blocks up to 79 per cent of total solar radiation and up to 99 per cent of UV rays when applied.

This film is a great lifesaver for people who spend time in too sunny homes because it even filters up to 82 per cent of glare. The window film regulates heat while offering privacy during the daytime while preserving your ability to see the outside.

When viewed from the outside, the film appears to be mirrored, yet it is still transparent when viewed from the inside. Though, if you have the lights on at night, others will be able to see inside if you become very comfortable with that seclusion.

Although the manufacturer claims that this window film comes on a roll large enough to cover three windows of the same size, you may cut it to fit almost any window in your house.


  • Large package
  • Shades up to 99% rays


  • It’s transparent at night, people can see inside


Best for Privacy: Window Whirl Total Blackout Window Film

Blackout window films can be quite effective at reducing heat because they completely block sunlight. Still, they can also become relatively warm to the touch because they are frequently constructed of this dark color. This is not the case with the Window Whirl blackout film, which has a white exterior that deflects UV light and doesn’t heat up as much.

Users claim that the film, which blocks 100% of sunlight and still appears black from within, is incredibly efficient at maintaining their homes warm and dark.

A blackout film is mostly a suitable option if you want complete darkness. Still, it’s a beautiful cooling choice for someone who desires to completely block the sun from entering through the window. It comes in four distinct sizes and adheres to glass using static cling.


  • Daytime is entirely dark
  • The interior’s black portion offers a stylish appearance
  • Very simple to install
  • Effective at reducing heat


  • You’ll need to make deeper cuts than necessary.


Best One-way: STATINT One Way Mirror Window Film

By reflecting up to 71 per cent of the sun’s heat, this window film lessens visibility and discomfort in commercial buildings. The film’s low internal reflectiveness makes it perfect for enhancing evening vistas. It also includes a scratch-resistant covering.

Due to innovative nanotechnology, it also offers impressive color stability. Furthermore, as indicated previously, your furniture will be shielded from UV radiation that might cause fading. UV window film protects your skin and stops the fading of indoor furnishings.

The film offers privacy only when the outside light is reflected effectively during the day. The mirror effect disappears when the interior light outweighs the exterior light. Your privacy is guaranteed, and you have been shielded from the sun’s rays thanks to the UV blocking of 91%.

You may have this product pay for itself in energy savings using colored reflective films in about three years. This one-way window film deflects damaging rays so they cannot enter a window.


  • It filters out 88 per cent of infrared and 91 per cent of UV rays.
  • Daytime hours offer you a reasonable degree of seclusion.
  • Harmful rays are blocked with self-adhering privacy film for windows.


  • Not exactly like a mirror


Best for Decor: Rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film

This Rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film is a terrific choice if you like a more decorative design, and it’s evident that customers absolutely adore it based on the over 55,000 reviews and overall rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. The window film adds style to your panes while providing a small amount of privacy to keep onlookers from peering inside.

It has a lovely shimmery rainbow effect. The best part is that it decreases glare, blocks 99 per cent of UVB rays, and shields your home from 84 per cent of UVA rays. It cools off their spaces effectively, according to Amazon reviewers.

Due to the film’s static cling attachment method, which doesn’t involve glue or adhesives, installation and removal will be pretty straightforward. It comes in different sizes that you may choose from.


  • Has a home decor design
  • Very efficient
  • Comes with static cling for attachment


  • Doesn’t block many UVB rays


Best for Smart Homes: Gila Heat Control Platinum

It is one of the best heat-reducing window film alternatives on the market. Window films can block up to 69 per cent of infrared photons since they emit more heat than visible light. Not only that, UV rays are filtered, preventing fading and extending the life of your furniture.

Furthermore, it shields yours inside from fading by blocking up to 99 per cent of UV rays. Gila Platinum Heat Control Window Film’s cutting-edge technology increases interior comfort by decreasing glare, reflecting UV rays, and blocking heat.

With a 28 per cent Visible Light Transmission and a mirrored external look, glare is reduced by up to 69 per cent, leaving the indoors cool and obstructing your view of the outside.

The non-metallized film is covered with a scratch-resistant coating for clarity and sharp sights. Additionally, the window can block up to 71% of the heat that enters your home through your windows.

Daytime privacy is offered by mirrored exteriors. This strong adhesive material is simple to handle and adheres to windows firmly. But after it becomes dark and the lights are on inside, the film doesn’t block views any longer.


  • These films can be used to cover almost any window shape.
  • keeps your spotless interiors from fading
  • Highly reflecting fabrics ensure daytime privacy.
  • Regarding these window films, there is a warranty against manufacturing flaws.


  • No privacy during dark hours


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Window Film Aid In Retaining Heat?

Benefits of window film include preventing radiant heat transfer, preventing the buildup of hot air during the summer and facilitating the operation of your air conditioner.

Usually, the windows don’t do an outstanding job of filtering heat or UV radiation. Some varieties of window films can also benefit homes with affordable windows.

Does Window Film Reduce Solar Heat?

The heat that enters a window during the day can be significantly decreased by selecting a solar control film for a home or a business. These films increase energy savings by obstructing up to 80% of solar heat and UV rays that deteriorate furniture and carpeting.

Does Summer Window Insulation Film Still Function?

Window films can significantly reduce summertime heat. Installed window film is highly effective, even if it may seem like a minor touch.

Insulation issues can be eliminated if you can limit the sunlight absorption through your windows. If purchasing brand-new, energy-efficient windows is out of your price range, you can manufacture your own.

Which Shade Of Tint Blocks Heat The Most?

Carbon or infrared resistance films are excellent options for the best UV and heat shielding. Compared to other films on the market, these films significantly block the infrared rays that cause the warming effect within your vehicle. They are devoid of metal, just like ceramic films.

Will Window Film Installation Harm Indoor Plants?

Most of the time, using window film won’t hurt a home plant if it already receives enough light. While a plant is adjusting to the change in light, new growth or blossoming may be hindered, and it may experience shock for a few days.

In fact, with film put, a plant that typically wilts by the end of a sunny day can flourish. Even though there are specific simple rules for figuring out if window film may harm a plant or not. Before installing the film, the following sample test may be performed:

  • For a few days, relocate the plant to a location that receives less sunshine 
  • Also, you can get advice from most nurseries or regional agriculture organizations on whether a specific plant requires maximum or least light

Can Low-E Windows Utilize Window Film?

When selecting whether to utilize film, it’s crucial to consider where the low-E surface is located in your window system. When window film is used, the heat loss decrease of the glass itself may be reduced or eliminated if the low-E covering is on the room-side surface of the inner pane.

The intended film’s qualities to minimize heat gain and heat loss may more than offset this. Nevertheless, the low-E surface on most low-E window systems faces the air gap between the panes and is located on double-pane windows. In this instance, the film can be put without removing the low-E glass’s ability to reduce heat loss.

Whether you hope to limit heat gain, limit glare, minimize heat loss, decrease fading, or enhance the security of your windows and glass doors, your choice of window film for low-E glass is totally based on your desired benefit. Take the time to carefully weigh each of these advantages before deciding.

What Is Causing The Window Film’s Edge To Curl Up?

The window frame is where the film is attached using glue. The film and structure should be separated by a fragile space of two to three millimetres. The cold weather may make it challenging to apply the film.

Use a hairdryer to dry the films or soak them in warm water to soften them. Hold the hair dryer 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) from the film surface, turn the heat high, and pass the hairdryer over the film.

Last Remarks

If you’ve already decided to buy the best heat control window film but aren’t sure which option to go with, we suggest starting your window film hunt with our top recommendations.

You can look at the available ones and choose the one that can help you manage the heat in your house while using less energy.

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