5 Best Vacuum Cleaner For Guinea Pig Poop and Cage

If you have pets, you know how difficult it can be to keep your house clean. Dealing with animal waste is one of the main issues. 

If you own a guinea pig, you know how challenging it can be to clean up after them. I will review the best vacuum cleaner for guinea pig poop and cage. I will also be offering some cleaning advice.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Guinea Pig Poop and Cage

1. BLACK+DECKER Pet Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

With pets in mind, this handheld vacuum was created. It’s ideal for cleaning up guinea pigs’ occasional dry and wet messes as well as for households with many pets. It has a lithium-ion battery, just like the other items on our list, which contributes to a strong suction and a long battery life after charging.

Even when you are using it, it will display your remaining battery life so you won’t have to estimate how much longer you have. Due to its accessibility, it can be hung up in a closet or another area where your guinea pigs’ cage is located.


  • It is made for people that keep pets.
  • It can clean up both dry and wet messes.
  • You can store it by hanging it up and it has a battery indicator.


  • Once attached, the animal hair extension can be hard to remove.

2. Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

I believe that the Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal vacuum for guinea pig waste. This handheld vacuum is battery-operated and strong, making it ideal for swiftly removing tiny messes. 

The 12-Volt replaceable and rechargeable battery offers plenty of power, and the portable form makes it simple to carry along. You can access small spots with the onboard crevice tool, and the vacuum is simple to maintain, thanks to the washable filter. 

I also value how simple it is to empty and clean the Hoover ONEPWR. Empty the dustbin into the garbage after removing it. After finishing, rinse the filter, and you’re ready to go.


  • Powerful suction
  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Easy to empty and clean


  • Too small for larger spaces

3. BLACK+DECKER Power series Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

It’s understandable why this cordless vacuum cleaner is among the top-rated ones. A strong and adaptable alternative that can manage even the toughest messes is the BLACK+DECKER Power series Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Pets. 

Because it has a three-speed control, you can customize the suction power to your requirements, making it ideal for cleaning large and small spaces. The front-facing dustbin is simple to empty, and the vacuum may be quickly cleaned by switching to a hand vacuum. It has a long crevice tool for squeezing into confined spots, and the built-in filters are up to 75% effective at collecting material. 

The replaceable 20-volt battery provides 55 minutes of runtime, so you can complete the task without worrying about recharging. This unit’s three-phase cleaning technique includes an angled floorhead for use on various surfaces, an anti-angled pet hair brush bar, and v-shaped bristles for debris collection. The vacuum is appropriate for various surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors.


  • Powerful and versatile
  • Three-speed control
  • Converts to a hand vacuum
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces


  • Not very effective for deep cleaning

4. LG CordZero Vacuum Cleaner

The LG CordZero Vacuum Cleaner is for you if you want a top-notch vacuum for Guinea pig feces and don’t mind the price. The two batteries that power this potent cordless vacuum cleaner provide 20 volts and 80 minutes of runtime. The Smart Inverter Motor produces strong suction. 

The vacuum has several power settings, including Turbo mode. As a result, you can modify the suction power to meet your requirements. The vacuum can also be used as a portable vacuum, which makes it ideal for cleaning confined spaces. 

A pre-filter, metal filter, and fine dust filter are part of the five-stage filtration system included with the LG CordZero vacuum cleaner. It indicates that it will thoroughly clean your home of all the dust, dander, and dirt. 

As the wand length is adjustable, you can reach into tight spaces to eliminate pet hair, excrement, and dust. I should also point out how quiet this device is when in operation.


  • 80mins runtime
  • Powerful suction delivered by the Smart Inverter Motor
  • Converts to a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Adjustable wand length


  • The price tag might be too high

How To Choose A Vacuum For Guinea Pig Poop

Power And Suction

The vacuum’s strength and suction should be your initial point of inspection. You need a vacuum that can thoroughly clean your home of all the dirt, trash, and pet hair. Do not believe what you see in the advertisements. Instead, research and read internet reviews to find out what other people have to say about the vacuum’s suction strength. 

Corded vs. Cordless 

The second choice is whether to use a corded or cordless vacuum. Using a cordless vacuum, you may move freely without worrying about the cord. They typically lack the strength of their corded cousins, though. Although a corded vacuum cleaner has more power, you must be cautious not to trip over the cable. A cordless vacuum can be the ideal choice for you if you have a big space or plenty of Guinea Pigs.

Filtration System

The filtration system is a crucial element you must also consider. To ensure that all the dirt, dust, and debris are eliminated, the best vacuum for guinea pig feces should have a strong filtration system. Choose a vacuum with at least two filters, though this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. By doing this, you can be certain that your vacuum will get rid of every contamination in your house. 


Make sure the cordless vacuum you purchase has a strong battery if you decide to go that route. Pick a vacuum that has a battery life of at least 30 minutes. While cleaning, you don’t want to have to stop to recharge your vacuum constantly. 

Noise Level 

It can be annoying when vacuums produce a lot of noise. Choose a vacuum with a low noise level if you have sensitivity issues or simply prefer a peaceful home. Again, evaluations written by vacuum users might be quite beneficial in this regard.

Are Guinea Pigs Scared Of Hoovers?

Guinea pigs frequently experience a variety of fears. The personalities of the guinea pigs differ from one another, though. So, are guinea pigs scared of hoovers?

Yes, hoovers may frighten some guinea pigs because of their noise. Some people might not care at all. 

You can try introducing your guinea pig to the hoover by turning it on for a short period each day if they are afraid of them.

Will Guinea Pig Poop Block A Vacuum Cleaner?

Regularly sucking up the straw and hay may increase the likelihood that your vacuum cleaner will become clogged since these materials will become lodged and form a dense mat that may be challenging to clean. The vacuum won’t be able to clear itself because it won’t be sucking properly, so you’ll probably need to disassemble and clean it instead.

Yes, it’s common for guinea pig excrement to clog a vacuum cleaner, especially if you’re using an everyday handheld vacuum that wasn’t perhaps made for moist guinea pig waste. 

The excrement may become compacted inside, coats the tube and internal parts, and blocks the pipe, preventing it from sucking effectively and blocking it. Avoiding this is especially crucial if disassembling the vacuum cleaner to clean the insides is difficult.

Guinea pig poop is pretty likely to block a standard vacuum cleaner if you use one, particularly if you use it often or have many guinea pigs. Be aware of this, and only use a vacuum cleaner if you can take it apart and clean it easily.

Can I Use A Vacuum To Clean Guinea Pig Poop?

Vacuuming your guinea pig cage helps reduce the stress of cleaning the cage. But one common issue is if one can use a vacuum to clean up the guinea pig’s poop.

Yes, you can use a vacuum to clean up guinea pig waste. Make sure your guinea pigs are not terrified of the vacuum cleaner if you want to use one in the room, whether or not you are sucking up the droppings. 

If your guinea pigs seem to get used to the noise, you might be able to clean up around them. To test this, turn it on in the farthest corner of the room or outside the door and observe how your guinea pigs react. 

Only use a vacuum cleaner with a reasonably modest suction level for this; using a high suction level could damage your guinea pigs’ ears and cause serious distress. You can attach an attachment to a decent vacuum and vacuum the interior of your guinea pig’s home if it isn’t too loud to disturb the animal. 

How Do You Clean Up Guinea Pig Poop With A Vacuum?

Unless the guinea pigs are wary of the vacuum cleaner, you can leave them where they are; you should move the guinea pigs to another area before using a vacuum cleaner to pick up guinea pig excrement. 

Before you begin, make sure they are out of the way of the vacuum. You should also take the food and water dishes out of the way to prevent them from falling. Next, turn on the vacuum and use it to suck the waste from the cage, making sure to get it out of every crevice. 

Turn the vacuum cleaner off and stop immediately if your guinea pigs begin to act in a way that suggests you are frightening them. It will prevent further upsetting them. If they don’t mind, you can continue cleaning the cage by sucking up all the trash. 

It’s important to remember that guinea pigs will frequently become less fearful of a vacuum cleaner if you gradually introduce it to them and don’t startle them. Once established in their house, they will become accustomed to the noise and learn to ignore it. Giving them treats, developing a pleasant association with the vacuum cleaner, and never using it to scare them will boost their likelihood of remaining calm around it.

Can I Use A Regular Vacuum To Clean My Guinea Pig Cage?

Vacuuming your guinea pig’s cage makes things easier for you. But is it a good idea to use a regular vacuum to clean a guinea pig cage?

Yes, you can clean your guinea pig cage with a standard vacuum. But be sure to pick a vacuum that is both easy to use and has sufficient suction. You might also want to purchase a hand vacuum designed exclusively for cleaning your guinea pig cage.

What Type Of Vacuum Should You Use To Clean Guinea Pig Poop?

For starters, guinea pig poop is likely to damp, which could cause issues inside the vacuum cleaner, especially if it turns moldy. As a result, you can’t use just any vacuum cleaner to clean up guinea pig poop

Unless you have a wet and dry vacuum to handle this, you shouldn’t be vacuuming anything that is wet. You could want to invest in a shop vacuum because it shouldn’t clog up too easily and can likely handle a good amount of hair, straw, and excrement. 

Other vacuum cleaners might function adequately, but they run a larger chance of becoming clogged and requiring maintenance between uses. 

You might try using your regular vacuum cleaner if you don’t have a shop vacuum, but this might not work either, and you’ll probably need to clear the pipe out more frequently. If it becomes clogged, especially if you have a lot of guinea pigs to clean up after, think about purchasing a shop vac.

How Can You Clean Guinea Pig Poop Without A Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many alternative ways to clean up guinea pig waste. But I’ll be discussing the best and simplest method.

The simplest and most direct method uses a brush and dustpan to sweep the hutch and pen’s edges. It will be simpler to sweep the entire area effectively if you remove the food and water bowls first. 

The guinea pig feces and any straw can then be dumped into a compost pail and added to your compost pile, where it should decompose beautifully. 

In contrast, if you have a lot of guinea pigs, you might want to use some form of scoop and persuade them to just urinate in one cage corner. Although not particularly effective, this approach can be useful for spot cleaning. After that, you can sweep the area. However, it isn’t ideal for cleaning a whole guinea pig cage. Therefore, whenever you can, it’s best to use a sweeping brush unless you only need to clean out one area. 

Additionally, since guinea pig droppings are typically small, reasonably dry, and made primarily of grass, picking them up with your hands is also an option. It isn’t nearly as unpleasant as it sounds. Even though they may not appear so at first, they don’t smell awful and can help you gather up the poop much more quickly. But then, make sure you wash your hands completely.


For owners with several guinea pigs and a limited time to clean up after them, a guinea pig poop vacuum may be one of the quickest and easiest ways to remove waste from your guinea pig cage. Make sure your guinea pigs are comfortable with the noise before you begin, and if they become stressed by it, turn it off or take the guinea pigs out of the situation.

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