Can Motorized Blinds Be Used Manually?

Motorized blinds are the best window treatment option for upgrading your home and offer several benefits beyond convenience.

There are motorized blind designs and models that do, in fact, provide manual control in the event of the batteries being depleted of stored energy or power outage. Unfortunately, window coverings on models without this feature will remain closed or open until the power is restored.

What Is the Value of Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds are not a high-tech novelty that you’ll never use; instead, they are practical, effective, and made to help you save money. Additionally, investing in those three items is always a good idea. This is particularly valid if your windows are higher or located in awkward positions for you to access.

They work incredibly well for standard windows. During the summer and winter in Arizona, heat gain and loss are crucial factors. Just picture how warm it is in your kitchen and living area due to the lovely big windows. Just like you open your curtains in the morning to allow in the light, you must also remember to close them by noon to keep the summer heat out.

In addition to the heat, consider how the intense sun may affect your floors and furniture as they deteriorate. That is all stopped by motorized blinds and shades. It is possible to automate them or just close them with the press of a button. Your blinds won’t need to be opened or shut again, so you won’t have to worry about it. 

Can Motorized Blinds Be Used Manually

In the summer, as they effortlessly keep the heat out and the cool in, you’ll see a favorable influence on your energy expenditure. You may also schedule the blinds to open or close at times that suit your schedule with automated alternatives because they are fully programmable. A home is actually made by small details like this.

How To Power Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds can be powered by three types of energy: plug-in power from your primary electricity supplier, battery power from your DC, and solar energy.

Powered By Electricity

Your home’s electric power supply is used to power your blinds, so they will run continuously as long as there is power. Instead of using batteries, which must be frequently replaced or recharged due to the higher amount of electricity required, it is advised to use plug-in motorized blinds for homes with numerous or large windows.

Powered By Batteries

Batteries can be used to run motorized blinds. Lithium batteries, which can be recharged a thousand times, are more durable than alkaline batteries and are more frequently utilized. Though they are more expensive than alkaline batteries, lithium batteries have the benefit of being able to blow up in scorching environments.

Powered By Solar

Motorized window blinds powered by the sun are an excellent choice to reduce energy expenditures. Solar-powered motorized blinds won’t operate in locations with little sunshine because the sun is your primary energy source. You’ll need a reasonable quantity of sunlight that your solar panels can capture throughout the day.

Are Motorized Blinds Stylish?

The difference between motorized and conventional blinds would be challenging to see if they were placed side by side. There isn’t much adversity between them other than that one is cordless, and the other isn’t, or that one can appear a little thicker on top (depending on the model). 

Except for the absence of ropes to raise or lower them, there is no visible motor, no unattractive or bulky pieces to mount, and no visually significant difference between the two.

Still available in numerous designs and transparency levels are automated and motorized blinds. Motorized blinds can be tailored to match your needs and preferences if you purchase them from a reputable seller. There is little doubt that they will appear just as excellent, if not better, than the conventional options.

Why Do I Need Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds significantly contribute to the rise of smart homes across the nation, primarily due to the comfort and convenience they provide to homeowners’ daily lives. Why wouldn’t you want to simplify the everyday, repetitive chore of modifying the drapes around your property and save yourself a few extra minutes?

Simple to Adjust in Tough Spots

In your opinion, how many of the roller blinds in your home are difficult to reach? When you desire privacy or need to shield your home from solar radiation but can’t locate the cord to regulate the blinds, ceiling-high windows create a significant difficulty. When you switch to motorized shades, you can do away with the step stool and move your shades precisely where you want them by pressing a button.

Even though manually operated window treatments can be tricky, older or disabled persons may find it more challenging to modify them. Using a remote control, keypad, or mobile app in place of strings and cables will greatly minimize hassle and simplify for everyone to operate the blinds and shades around your home.

Make Intruders Believe You Are Home

You may plan your motorized shades to rise and descend on a timer while you’re at work or away on vacation, in addition to controlling them with a single button click. You probably draw all your shades before leaving your house to shield your belongings from the sun and onlookers.

However, suppose your blinds remain closed for an extended period. In that case, potential burglars might believe you’re not home and decide it’s the ideal moment to try a break-in. Schedule your window coverings to rise and fall at specific times to fool intruders into thinking you are home. You’ll feel more secure when on a long trip, and crooks will reconsider before breaking in.

Great For A Smart Home

Awnings, lighting, thermostats, smart locks, and other innovative home products can all be combined with motorized shades. You can program situations like “go down” when the panels close due to strong wind on this account. Alternatively, you might program your blinds to shut when you put on your favorite movie or decide to watch the biggest football game of the year.

Controlling your blinds when away from home is a beautiful additional perk. You might, for instance, use an app to pretend you are home and keep your house safer, or you could drop your shades in the middle of the day to stop the sun from coming into your home.

You can combine the hub with Alexa or Google Home to voice-control your blinds if you like. Your friends and neighbors will definitely speak about you conversing with your shades. The possibilities are almost endless when intelligent homes are integrated.

Waking Up Stress-free

Few people know that manual blackout blinds may be doing more damage than good, even though many homeowners purchase them for their bedroom to aid sleep. While light-blocking shades have numerous benefits, they may unintentionally interfere with your body’s natural clock, which tells you when to get up and sleep.

We don’t suggest getting rid of your blackout window coverings. They support keeping your smart home cool throughout the hottest summer months and guarding your priceless artwork and furnishings! Instead, we advise that you swap them out for motorized blackout shades so that you may program them to automatically lift each morning and avoid waking up in the dark.

Suppose you achieve the perfect illuminance at the right time. In that case, your brain will understand to generate the hormone that causes you to feel motivated once that flash of natural light streams in from behind your blinds. Soon enough, you’ll discover that getting out of bed is much simpler, and you’ll have more energy all day.

How Durable Are Motorized Blinds?

Can Motorized Blinds Be Used Manually

Motorized blinds are incredibly dependable and can last much longer than conventional window treatments. This is because you do not need abrasive tugging, no cords for pets or children to engage with, and no need to constantly straighten slats. Depending on usage and upkeep, the typical window treatment can last between three and ten years. Depending on use, motorized blinds typically last between 5 and 10 years.

Your usage frequency can also affect how long your blinds or drapes last. There are many alternatives for electric motors as well. Still, if they are battery-operated, the battery will need to be replaced regularly.

Final Thoughts

For consumers who want comfort, protection, and visual appeal and can handle the up-front expense of installing smart devices, motorized blinds are still a worthwhile investment despite all of their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric blinds that are well-made can also last a lifetime. These blinds have presets that enable them to be adjusted automatically for ventilation and lighting, resulting in a comfortable interior. For homes with numerous large or difficult-to-reach windows, motorized blinds may be the best energy-saving system.

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