Dressing Table Mirror Should Face Which Direction?

Many people are unsure about the proper placement of a dressing table or mirror in the bedroom and have misunderstandings about it. They believe that their bed, as well as their own appearance in the mirror, will ruin their marriage and disrupt their sleep.

Vastu dictates that the bedroom’s mirror not reflect the bed’s reflection from the dressing table. When creating bedroom designs, it is crucial to keep this in mind. The dressing tables should be oriented toward the east. The north or east wall would be the optimum location for the dressing table if it were to be placed in a different room.

However, evidence from a documented Vastu study conducted over the past twenty years shows that a dressing table’s placement concerning a bed does not have any adverse effects. In actuality, and only with regard to that zone, the issues are brought on by order of a mirror in a Vastu zone that is incompatible with it.

Which Dressing Mirror Should You Use, Concave Or Convex?

Dressing Table Mirror Should Face Which Direction

Negative energies directed at your home are said to be reflected back by a convex mirror. It is a highly potent and well-known Vastu cure. The convex mirror needs to be positioned outside your home over the front entrance.

The destructive energy that is approaching your property will be expelled by it. Convex and concave mirrors can be used in a variety of ways, according to Feng Shui. The negative energy is “sucked in” by a concave mirror, which then balances it.

You should utilize a convex mirror when you wish to deflect any negative energy from your home’s windows or front entrance. Negative energy is encouraged to bounce endlessly in such mirrors.

Vastu Ways of Placing Mirrors In Living Rooms

To maximize the light in the living room during the afternoon, hang a mirror on the wall next to the window on the north or east wall. Avoid putting the mirror in front of the door or entry gate if your main entrance leads into the living room since it will reflect back energy entering the house.

To make your property feel more friendly, you might instead put the mirror over a console table in the foyer. Place a mirror to face the window that faces the gorgeous scenery if you want to see it reflected in the mirror. This makes it possible for the blissful energy and great vibes of the surroundings to be duplicated within your home.

Placing a mirror that reflects a dinner table symbolizes double the food and invites fortune. Every family member may be seen eating while looking in the mirror. This increases love and devotion among family members and promotes prosperity, according to Vastu.

Tips From Vaastu For Placing Mirrors In Bathrooms

Put a mirror in the bathroom’s best-lit area. If you place it too close to the lights, it may be difficult to see in the mirror. The lousy energy may grow as a result. Put the mirror on the bathroom’s north or east wall. Place the mirror slightly off to the side of the toilet. A full-length mirror can be mounted on the door, but it must be secured firmly.

Maintain a spotless mirror over the sink because water stains might leave a trace. Negativity is attracted to dirty mirrors. Avoid placing stickers or bindis on the reflecting surface.

The Appropriate Mirror Position For Vastu Interior Design

Mirrors are recognized to be helpful for your store or workplace in addition to bringing riches and success to your residences, as per Vastu interior design. Even though it is well known that the positioning of mirrors impacts the energy in your home, business, or office; it is also believed that, when strategically positioned, they can enhance not only good health but also lessen negative energy.

Consider these suggestions for the proper placement of mirrors in your room to promote optimism according to Vastu interior design:

Let Mirrors Reveal What Is Lovely

It signifies doubling the amount of money, food, or a lovely view in your life if your mirrors reflect any of these things. Putting a mirror beside your desk can make your job load more difficult. You could hang mirrors across from your safe or cash box to attract other riches.

For business owners, this also entails luring in additional clients, though. In order to reproduce the positive vibes, light, and beauty of the scene outside your window and bring it into your home; it would be excellent to have your mirror match the view.

Additionally, you can put mirrors in the eating area to reflect the table, giving good health, food, money, and positivity. It also strengthens the ties that bind you to your family.

Place Mirrors In The Proper Locations

Because the northern hemisphere is the centre of Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, it is stated that your home’s north direction bears fruit. Placement of mirrors in the north would therefore be particularly advantageous according to Vastu interior design.

It’s common knowledge that the southeast represents fire. To avoid confrontation in your life, you should avoid mounting mirrors in this direction. The mirrors in the bathroom should face north or east in order to clear out negative energy and welcome sunshine and positivity.

Bathroom mirrors should not be positioned in shaded areas but should be well-lit. Having a mirror diametrically facing the toilet can also produce bad energy. Instead of the south or west wall, mirror placement should be on the north or east wall.

Mirrors Should Be Organized By Shape

Ignore mirrors with odd shapes like round, oval, and others. Conversely, square and rectangle-shaped mirrors, which have been found to be favourable while spreading energy evenly, are appropriate for your home and can be used significantly, according to Vastu.

As long as you only use square and rectangular mirrors, there are no size restrictions, and you are free to experiment with mirrors.

Placing Mirrors Dos and Don’ts

  • Install mirrors, glass pieces, or other reflected surfaces on the north or east walls.
  • The height of mirrors should be at least four to five feet.
  • The room’s southeast corner should be used to position the television and any other reflective objects. Cover the screen when it is not in use if possible.
  • All reflective surfaces must always be kept spotless. A transparent reflection should be visible in the mirrors, and they should be free of stains.
  • When resting up against a wall, the mirrors shouldn’t be forward-leaning. Mirrors must always be hung flush against the wall.
  • Mirrors shouldn’t be placed close to a stairway.
  • In the kitchen, stay away from mirrors. A mirror that reflects a kitchen or gas stove should not be installed.
  • Always choose translucent glass doors and window panes over transparent ones.
  • Keep the mirror away from the study table because it could interfere with focus.
  • Never set up two mirrors side by side. This is since the family will suffer as a result of the influence. Always place two mirrors apart or in different rooms.
  • Always remember to hang the mirror; never place it on a table or the floor.
  • Choose square or rectangle-shaped mirrors instead of oval or round ones.
  • Placing the mirror across a window with a nice view will ensure that the home is filled with the same positive energy and aesthetic outside.
  • The dinner table can be reflected in a mirror, symbolizing the abundance of food and drawing prosperity.
  • Ensure there is enough lighting surrounding any bathroom mirrors if you have them.
  • Wooden frames should be used for mirrors.
  • The windows in your home should not be translucent.
  • A mirror can be positioned in the direction of any home cut-outs.

Negative Repercussions Of Placing A Mirror Incorrectly

  • Fire always burns in the southeast. The likelihood of arguments and fights rises when a mirror is placed in this location.
  • Mirrors positioned across from one another might cause agitation.
  • Mirrors shouldn’t face north or east as this deflects the tremendous energy that enters from those directions.
  • Health issues for the inhabitants can arise from mirrors facing the bed.
  • Mirrors in front of the house’s door or entry gate reflect the energy coming in.

Final Remarks

Avoid placing your dressing table toward the southern or eastern walls of your bedroom if it is in the south of your home. It can face either the bedroom’s western or northern walls.

When using the Vastu interior rules, putting a dressing table or mirror in the east-southeast corner along the eastern fence encourages overthinking and suspicion. This may be the main contributor to couple’s frequent arguments.

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