How to Clean Exploded Glass in Oven Easily

I heard a loud noise like glass being hit by a baseball bat, thought it was an angry girlfriend, but I was disappointed to see my expensive Oven glass everywhere, shattered!!.

It was an annoying sight, but I had to find a way to clean it up, well I did, and thought about other people that might be in the same sad and annoying situation, hence this blog post.

This post is going to teach you about oven doors, why they explode and also how to clean exploded glass in an oven if you have to experience it, of course you experienced it, if not, why are you here?

Exploded Glass in Oven: What you need to know

According to the CPC, between 2015 to 2018, they received up to 700 reports of exploded oven glass, although no severe injuries were reported. If it is any consolation, you are not alone and you didn’t do anything wrong to make your oven door shatter the way it did.

No, it is not the heat of the oven because that door was built to withstand the heat of the oven, and also it would happen more often, but this isn’t the case. Research era still haven’t found a certain reason or cause for this problem.

The glass in oven is tempered glass which actually makes it strong enough to withstand more heat, but if there are micro-cracks in them, or any crack at all, maybe from the production room, manhandling, or during your move to a new house, then, it could explode in your kitchen like Kaboom!

It is not a totally terrible experience as the oven glass literally shatters into a million pieces unlike the shards of glass you would see from a window, these rarely lead to an injury, hence why we nicknamed it the ‘safety glass’

You’re also likely to have an exploded glass In oven if there is a microfracture and higher temperatures in your oven(self-cleaning mode), as this heat will cause these microfractures to turn into legitimate cracks, and remember cracks are what makes the oven glass explode.

Oven-making companies do not really have much to add to this knowledge as it does not happen often, and it is for this sole reason that they used tempered glass in the first place.

Why do oven glass doors explode

There are a lot of possible reasons why your oven glass door must have exploded,  we can’t pin down the exact cause of this, partly because the damage may have happened a long time before the incident. Also, oven glass doors explode or shatter when cracks or micro-fractures that turn into prominent cracks come in contact with extra heat from the oven.

These damages could occur during transit, or due to physical impact, aggressive or harsh cleaning methods, contrasting temperatures,  manufacturer mistakes, faulty door seals, thermostats and so on.

What to do about exploded glass in the oven

Let’s say you did everything correctly with your oven, unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be an explosion due to unpremeditated damage or natural imperfections that arent exactly your fault. If the worse happens and you’re confused about what to do, here’s some advice from me

First, take a picture and maybe save the glass

This will serve as proof when presenting your case to the retailer or manufacturer before cleaning exploded glass in oven (up next)

Secondly, check out the box if you still have it to know if there is a warranty or confirm if the warranty covers a free replacement.

Although when this is the case, warranties usually last for one or two years, and your oven should last as long as possible, let’s say 10 years or more.

If your oven glass explodes and your oven is out of warranty, you may have to wait for a very long time, and also prepare for a costly repair with bills up to or more than $240. But you might be lucky, your manufacturer might be able to replace or repair even when out of warranty but subject to individual situations, if not, you’ll have to fix it up yourself.

Lastly, reach out to your retailer or manufacturer.

Although many manufacturers like to stand on their ground that safety was their number one priority and that cases like exploded glass in oven are rare, it still happens and the moment this happens to you, with your proof and your case well prepared, try to reach out to them and see if you can get any response.

If not, you should still stand your ground, exploding oven doors is rare and it’s even harder to prove, so be persistent.

How to clean exploded glass in the Oven

Now my expensive oven door is damaged, with its glass door everywhere in my oven, and the only thing I can think of is where do I start from in cleaning? well, guess what? I did it, I made it, and I’ll be giving you some practical steps that would ensure your safety and a shattered glass-free oven.

Clear the area

As quickly as possible, clear the area, and keep your fluffy pets and any human away from the area where your oven is, usually your kitchen, only compromise when you have gears for everyone, but my advice is to not involve a second party.

Gear up

Whoever is going to do this cleanup should put on firm, closed-toed shoes, eye protection glasses, and very thick gloves, preferably wool if you can get your hands on any, if not a thick rubber glove would do just fine. make sure to put on all these before starting to clean exploded glass in the oven.

Get a very bright light

The oven is obviously a dark hole, and your light bulbs or chandelier would definitely not be bright enough to help you see all the pieces of glass there are, so get yourself a LED flashlight, if you do not have any, please ask the neighbor for one or use the flashlight on your smartphone. This would help the glass glitter and then make it easier for you.

Remove the leftover glass

When the glass on your oven door explodes, there is every tendency that some remnants of sharp and small glasses would be left on the door of the oven, so before opening the oven to do anything, with your gloves already on.

Begin to gently take out that glass on the door, emphasis on gently, because tampered or not tampered, the glass would still be sharp, so be careful enough to avoid injuries.

TIP; Do not think about kneeling on the floor to get the job done, as you could end up with glass in your knee, you can bend over or use a small stool and sit while you pick up the glass.

Sweep the glass on the floor

When your oven glass door explodes, it is certain that there would be some pieces on the floor. Take care to sweep pieces with short and efficient strokes to prevent it from scattering around the room, you could also use a hand vacuum that doesn’t have a flexible hose that can be punctured by the glass.

Clean the oven

You have prepared the way to efficiently clean your oven, while sitting on a small stool, the oven door which doesn’t really have any barriers now should be open or raised, whichever way your oven was made, remove the racks in the oven and follow the next process

First pick out the bigger pieces of glass if any, then with a wet napkin, using your flashlight, clean out every piece of glass that you can see, into a flat surface or a dust pan. Do this gently so you do not flick the shards up.

Next, use fresh bread or potatoes to pick up what must have been left in the corners of the oven or in holes where the napkin could not reach. wearing your gloves, press a slice of soft bread into the corners you’re trying to reach to pick up the glasses easily. Immediately dispose of both the potatoes and bread when you’re done with them.

Use your hand vacuum to get out the glass in the oven

In a case whereby exploded glass in your oven got into the bottom of the oven, try to get a screwdriver to open it and clean it with a small brush, or any of the options we mentioned earlier.  if there isn’t the option of opening it with a screwdriver, use a handheld vacuum cleaner that does not have the potential of being punctured by the glass, preferably a wet shop vacuum to get as many pieces of glass as you can out.

Wash up the gears used

After cleaning, it is advised to take out every tool or gear that you have used to clean exploded glass in oven and wash them with running water while your glove is still on, to prevent spreading the glass in the house when such a tool is being used again.


Glass doors in ovens can explode at any time, even without warning, with fragments of glass flying everywhere in your kitchen or into your food, but do not be quick to take action for safety reasons. Follow these step by step processes on how to clean exploded glass in the oven and get the job done.

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