How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Garage

Although they are among the loveliest rodents you will ever see, chipmunks are also among the most hazardous. They are omnivorous, native to North America and Asia, and consume anything, including flowers, bulbs, and other garden plants.

Even their underground burrows, which they use to flee from people first, may cause structural damage to your home. The big news is that it’s possible to keep rodents off your premises and, if necessary, humanely eliminate them. If you want to drive the undesirables away, start with simple, natural repellents and gradually progress to more drastic—yet still compassionate.

How To Get Rid Of Chipmunks In Garage

Employ Coffee Grounds

One of the best methods you can employ to keep chipmunks out of your garage is to use coffee grinds. The strong smell of coffee grounds will bother them and deter them from approaching because they use their noses to identify food and navigate.

Most coffee shops provide free coffee grounds or sell them for a price. Ask about used coffee grounds only. Sprinkle the area around your yard and any locations where chipmunks have made nests. The overpowering scent prevents chipmunks from getting close.

Why Use Coffee Grounds


Using coffee grounds is a cheap, natural, and efficient way to eliminate chipmunks. One of the techniques I have personally tested and discovered to be successful is using coffee grounds. The chipmunks slowly disappeared, leaving just the hardest ones.

It’s a great strategy to prevent chipmunks from entering your garage. But you’ll need to utilize a lot of grounds; pick the ones with the strongest smells. Spread some coffee beans over your garage to help scare them away.

Juicy Fruit Gum

Chipmunks can be scared away using Juicy Fruit Gum, which is widely available in almost any market. The scent draws them in, but the gum chokes their digestive system and kills them.

It will work if you scatter a few unwrapped Juicy Fruit gum sticks around your garage and close to their nest. You can avoid this difficult process, though.

Use as a last resort only if necessary. More importantly, you must know that individuals’ experiences with this approach vary widely. Although some people claim that Juicy Fruit works well to eliminate chipmunks, others disagree. The best course of action is to continue using passive strategies because they work the best.

Employ Cat Litter

Utilizing cat litter is an additional method for eradicating chipmunks. They prefer to avoid collisions with cats since they are scared of them. Predators that prey on chipmunks includes foxes, coyotes, cats, and owls. By nature, these creatures want to escape whenever they detect them nearby.

In either case, you can utilize urine pellets from a fox or coyote if you have any on hand. This will be easy for those who already have a cat at home. Keeping the cat’s litter box in your garage for several days will make them run away, particularly if there is any leftover.

Utilize repellents, Both Electronic and Liquid

Electronic repellent systems use water sprays or ultrasonic pulses to drive away animals, including chipmunks, deer, raccoons, and squirrels. 900 to 1,200 square feet can be covered by a top-rated, high-quality, non-toxic electronic pest repeller for $20 to $30 when it has a reliable, safe power source.

You should also be aware that, contrary to popular belief, chipmunk tunnels or nests cannot be moved by sound waves or water sprays.

Utilize Cayenne Pepper

One of the special spices in the world, cayenne pepper, is found in practically every home, especially in kitchens where people appreciate making various foods. It’s undoubtedly one of the most effective repellents for eradicating your chipmunk issue immediately. The spicy flavor of the pepper repulses chipmunks, and they typically run down as soon as they sniff it.

The fact that cayenne pepper may be used in various ways is astounding. Here are some simple strategies for using cayenne pepper to drive away chipmunks.

Making your cayenne pepper spray in a bottle is a fantastic, affordable, and easy idea. All you need is a bottle for spraying, which you can easily purchase from your neighborhood supermarket, and cayenne pepper.


Mothballs are also a powerful countermeasure for chipmunks. They are disturbed by the smell and soon realize that the garage isn’t as comfortable as they had thought.

Mothballs on the floor cause apprehension in the majority of pet owners. Nonetheless, if you store them in a jar with a few tiny holes, they will continue to be out of your pets’ reach. You need the smell to stay in the garage to scare the chipmunks off your garage.

The removal of chipmunks can also be accomplished naturally in several ways. The above treatment you can try if you want to discover a cheap fix for this issue and not have to spend a fortune treating this invasion.

Implement Peppermint Oil

It is commonly known that peppermint oil is a strong, useful, and vital oil. This oil attracts a variety of animals, including field mice, chipmunks, moles, and skunks. Mix a cup of water with two to three drops of peppermint oil to create your repellant.

Sprinkle the solution around the house’s exterior in any gaps, crevices, or voids. You can also spray it on trash, trees, shrubs, pet food bowls, bird feeders, and chipmunk nests. Each day, spray the peppermint oil to maintain the scent.

Spraying shouldn’t be done around pets or anyone who are intolerant to it. You can use it to line your garage, spreading it across the perimeter.

How Can I Tell If I Have Chipmunks?

For all the obvious reasons—food, water, and shelter—chipmunks travel from the forests to human homes. Growing food in your fruit or vegetable garden might draw them in. Chipmunks can even damage plants and seeds they don’t eat, as well as fruit, young plants, and floral bulbs. Additionally, it’s common to see these rodents munching on bird food falling beneath bird feeders.

Suppose I still have chipmunks

 It’s advisable to start with humanitarian solutions. There are, however, deadly ways to get rid of chipmunks if you have an infestation that you can’t get rid of. You should contact a reputable pest control agency for them, though. You should avoid letting chipmunks die and decompose inside your home because doing so could harm other animals, such as pets. You should also avoid poisoning or otherwise killing chipmunks on your own.

Which Odors Do Chipmunks Detest?

They don’t enjoy pungent or spicy odors, so essential oils like peppermint, cayenne, or mothballs are so effective at repelling them.

A scented technique can be quite effective in driving them away because they rely so much on their nose and sense of smell.

This also makes it simple to set up some aromatic approach because your garage is probably shut off from the outside. If it were outside, the odor would linger rather than evaporate.

Why Is It So Hard to Control Chipmunks?

You could assume that chipmunks are not a big concern because of their small size. You’d be wrong, though, for, despite their tiny size, they are much more destructive. The most they can accomplish in your yard is do a lot of damage, dig a lot of caves, and devour all of your plants.

Furthermore, they can easily settle inside your home’s boundaries if they can gain entry. They could cause serious issues if you don’t take prompt and firm action. If you’ve ever seen one, you’ll remember seeing its cheeks full of food. They carry out this action when they desire to store food for the winter.

What Lure Works Best For Luring Chipmunks?

The natural things that chipmunks currently consume are the ideal bait for them: peanut butter, peanuts, sunflower seeds, bird seeds, millet spray, nuts, and shelled nuts.

Any of these can be used as bait in an easy-to-set trap. It works incredibly well, peanut butter.

Do Chipmunks Stay Away From Cayenne Pepper?

Due to its fiery flavor, cayenne pepper tends to be one of the most powerful chipmunk deterrents. For the control of this pest, cayenne can be used in a variety of methods. Here are some examples of them.

What Draws Chipmunks To Certain Things?

Using peanuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, bird food, and other delicacies, chipmunks are relatively simple to lure.

They look for shelter and food. They will gladly turn your garage into a home if you give them both.

Final Thoughts

Due to their propensity to consume practically anything they come across and the strength of their teeth, chipmunks in your home have the potential to cause significant damage. For several reasons, you should get rid of a chipmunk if you find one in your house. Sanitary considerations are the main justification for getting it out.

They also experience flea attacks and know the bacteria in their feces, which they spit randomly. Not to mention the damage they cause when they drill entrance holes in your home.

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