Will Lysol Kill Maggots? Everything You Should Know

Maggots are not killed by Lysol. But if you apply any of these to the maggots, some of them might perish.

Some maggots perish because they could drown if you apply too much Lysol to them. Like bleach and Austin’s 00051, Lysol lacks the ammonia and chlorine that these products do.

What Instantly Kills Maggots?

Maggots are promptly killed by boiling water and bleach or ammonia.

However, if you wait a time after using the mixture to kill the maggots, it will be best for you. All maggots are guaranteed dead when the solution penetrates the maggots thoroughly.

Larvae must be killed with hot water mixed with bleach and ammonia. Regular water won’t do the trick.

How To Use Boiling Water To Kill Maggots

All of our methods work, even though none of them are particularly vegan-friendly. One of the easiest ways to remove maggots is to just pour hot water from a kettle over the infestation, eliminating them immediately.

You can drain the water and thoroughly clean the area if you discover maggots in your trash. swift, easy, and efficient. To remove any foul odors, proceed by liberally sprinkling baking soda over the crime scene.

Vinegar, Salt, Or Lime For Killing Maggots

Utilizing chemicals that will make them fade up is another simple method of killing maggots; perhaps don’t worry about that too much.

We advise using a generous amount of your weapon of choice to cover the maggots for the most remarkable results. After giving it some time to perform its magic, return a few hours later to remove the trash.

How To Use Insecticide To Kill Maggots

Imagine this scenario; you’ve spent the entire lockdown tending to your herb garden and tomatoes and keeping slugs away from your strawberries, only to find that your neighborhood maggot community has besieged the castle. Start the conflict now.

Spray some insecticide liberally on your plants—people used hot oil instead of insecticide in the Middle Ages—and watch the maggots flee. Sweet, sweet triumph.

What Other Things Kill Maggot?

Fuel Injector Cleaner

The carburetor cleaner’s potent ingredients kill the maggots. Use protective clothes because it is a poisonous, potent cleaning chemical. In 2 gallons of water, combine 1 cup of the cleaning agent. It works better to use hot water. Use less cleaning agents if the trash can is a tiny plastic one with a lid.

After removing the rubbish, pour this solution into your trash can. Give the cleaner one hour to sit. All of the maggots will be killed by the chemical’s vapors. Do not combine the chemical with other detergents as you should.

Spray With Aerosol Can

Don’t panic if maggots have infested your garage but are in small spaces; there is also a remedy for that: pyrethrum aerosol spray.

In addition to this form of aerosol spray, other straw applicators are great options for people who wish to totally get rid of maggots in confined spaces.

However, there are safety precautions you must follow. You’ll need to wear protective clothing, for instance, when you spray the contaminated areas.

Universal Cleaners

Your regular household cleaner works well as an insecticide. Apply this remedy to the larvae. Four parts of boiling water should be added to one part of the cleaning solution.

Antiperspirants and hairsprays are further options. To destroy the maggots, spray four or five times. Utilizing toilet cleansers also eliminates maggots.

Buy A Fly Zapper

We’ve seen most techniques that use liquids to eliminate these obstinate organisms, but what if I showed you a manual approach? One of the most significant ways to capture and eliminate maggots is to purchase a flytrap.

If you want to totally rid your garage of maggots, consider investing in an electric insecticide. Maggots and other pesky flies that could infest your garage can be eliminated with this method.

Use Safe and Natural Treatments

Chemicals can hurt you even when they operate quickly. When using them, you must don protective clothing. But you have a choice not to use these substances. Effective natural remedies are readily available. Here are a few examples.

  • After removing the trash, fill the bin with hot water. For this technique, a lot of water must be boiled. For around 30 minutes, let the hot water sit in the trash can. The maggots are killed, and the leftover eggs are removed by boiling water. Use sturdy plastic trash cans if you don’t want to harm the container.
  • It is safe to use diatomaceous earth. It can be used to get rid of several bugs, especially maggots. Phytoplankton fossilization produces this active substance. It has cleansing and insecticidal qualities. It kills the maggots when used in the trash can to dry them out. Department stores, home improvement stores, and big-box retailers carry the product.
  • Another good solution is cinnamon powder and water. The larvae are killed by pouring the solution over them. However, it takes the solution six hours to work. The smell of cinnamon is intolerable to the maggots. Additionally, the overwhelming odor discourages subsequent infestations.
  • In a 1:2 ratio, hot water and vinegar make an effective cleaning solution. This not only deodorizes but also sanitizes your trash can. Use the key to scrub the waste can’s interior surface. Give it around 30 minutes to rest. This will eliminate the infestation of maggots. Before lining the garbage can with a trash bag, rinse it and let it air dry.

Can Salt Kill Maggots?

You might be astonished to learn that salt kills maggots. Combine it with lime to create a more effective maggot-killer. You might attempt a natural treatment by combining salt and lime. The maggots are dried out and killed by salt and lime.

Equal quantities of calcium hydroxide and salt should be combined (59 ml each). If you feel that the first amount is insufficient, add extra mixture. On the regions where the maggots breed, sprinkle this mixture. You can also buy pre-mixed calcium-oxide lime from hardware stores.

Prevention Advice Against Maggots

It’s necessary to take some preventative precautions after you’ve gotten rid of the maggots. Here are some pointers.

  • Don’t immediately place the rubbish in your trash can. Instead, use plastic garbage bags. For kitchen trash, which includes food waste, this is important. Fly attractants have pieces of meat and bones. The flies can also be kept at bay with a robust metal garbage container and a lid.
  • Every week, wash your trash can using a vinegar and water solution. This can stop the infestations of maggots. Before using the container, dry it. To keep flies and maggots out, use a plastic garbage can with a lid.
  • Apply essential oil to the trash can. Use lubricants like peppermint, bay leaf, and other similar ones. This aids in fly repulsion. A spray bottle filled with water after adding a few drops of the oil. On the interior of the container, spritz the solution. Alternately, moisten a clean towel with the diluted oil and clean the trash can.
  • Put a few silica packets inside the trash can. Silica keeps the container dry because it is an absorbent substance. Maggots are drawn to moisture. Therefore, this strategy will stop them from getting into your garbage can. Additionally, check to see if the trash bags you use have leaks.
  • Because mothballs contain pesticides, they also aid in the maggots’ repulsion. To keep the animals away, put a few mothballs in the garbage can. However, remember that these are dangerous and carcinogenic, so only use this procedure if all other attempts have failed.

Can Maggots Be Killed By vinegar?

Yes, vinegar will kill larvae exceptionally effectively. Mix three parts boiling water and one part vinegar to kill maggots with vinegar. This is an excellent alternative if you lack bleach or feel uncomfortable using it in your garage.

This combination can be applied to the maggots to kill them. This remedy will eliminate the stink brought on by the infestation in addition to killing the maggots. Furthermore, the mixture’s odor will deter any additional flies from laying eggs nearby.

Are Maggots Harmful?

Maggots can be harmful, yes. First off, they can sicken animals, particularly pets. Additionally, if they make their way into your food, they can contaminate it. You must eliminate maggots as soon as you notice them in your home.

Maggots are a common source of food that can be fried and served as the main course in several nations and communities. Additionally, you can make traditional Sardinian dishes with maggots. However, I’ve made an exciting discovery: some people deliberately eat maggots.


Maggots can be killed by adding bleach or ammonia to hot water. But if there are maggots on the floor, terrace, or garbage cans, you must take this strategy. Avoid using hot water combined with bleach or ammonia on carpets or soft furnishings.

Diatomaceous earth and vacuuming are the most acceptable methods for removing maggots from carpets. On the maggot-infested carpet, liberally scatter diatomaceous earth. Using diatomaceous earth eliminates maggots. To remove diatomaceous earth and dead maggots after 15 minutes, clean the carpet.

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